Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to contribute to this blog

To be considered for inclusion in this blog, please email me with the answers to two questions:

1) What book, poem, film, speech, painting, quote, story, poem, or person (or whatever) continues to inspire your leadership? (links to references are really helpful)

2) What is it about this piece that inspires you and helps sustain you as a leader? In other words, tell me the story behind your selection. 

I am looking for something around 300 to 500 words. You can see examples on this blog but overall I am seeking personal statements about just how the piece from Q1 connects with your leadership. In other words, I am not looking for third party descriptions about someone else’s leadership – but a heartfelt declaration of yours. (I am also not looking for pieces that read a little like adverts for your organisation or consulting practice, or indeed anybody else’s!) 

Essentially, this blog works on the basis that if you describe how a poem, story, book (etc) connects with your life/leadership this will, I believe, resonate with others - and they will be inspired too. My aim is that this will grow into a blog that people will treasure and will want to refer friends, relatives and colleagues to have look at, as well. 

All contributions will be duly acknowledged by adding a link to your name (unless you really want to remain anonymous). Just let me know what kind of mention or link (email address, twitter handle or website for example) you wish.

Finally, thank you for your interest and commitment to creating a blog that will inspire & support leaders around the world.


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